A dynamic ecosystem that welcomes designers, artists, engineers, inventors, freelancers, programmers and entrepreneurs. Any creative or mind, anyone who thinks business in a creative way, anyone who has an idea, an invention or a prototype and aims to develop it can find the right space, community and the manufacturing equipment to make it work!


Mater Library

MATER is an extended, constantly-renewed collection of material samples. It is the ideal space for any material lover – architects, interior designers, industrial designers, fashion and jewelry designers, illustrators, artists, constructors and advertising professionals.
Romania and the region of South-Eastern Europe needs a place like MATER in order to develop its material knowledge base – starting from education about types of materials and its uses, to comparing and selecting the best materials for creative projects and researching new materials and applications.


The coolest co-working space in Bucharest. Plenty of desk and sitting choices: high-end chairs, long tables, low desks, high desks, round tables, brainstorming areas with playful furniture that invite you to creative thinking.
Join the space and enjoy the facilities: meeting areas, the nap room (a space where you can sleep for exactly 20 minutes – no more and no less than Einstein’s naps), the kitchenette (where we eat, meet, talk and cook), all designed to make your professional needs and community life go together.

What projects we develop?

We are developing projects that have a great impact over our community and also can be used by other creatives, freelancer and entrepreneurs. Whether you are working with materials, you want to learn about a new technique of manufacturing an object or get to grow a sustainable business,  to pitch your idea to an investor, whether you want to sell your product designs through a dedicated platform, we are working on it. If you think that you can make a difference and help us buit this projects, then jump in, it’s a long run, full of knowlage and fun.

Maker space

Nod Makerspace is the first creative community center of large dimensions in Romania. Its main goal is to help develop and democratise the design, engineering, manufacturing and prototyping sectors.
The makerspace provides the tools and equipment for digital manufacturing and prototyping for its members and supports the development of creative industries businesses (incubator) and the emergence of a powerful open-source community.


When you’re a member here you don’t only get a desk and wi-fi, you get to be part of a vibrant and diverse community of people from all over the creative spectrum. We’ve got ’em all: architects, fashion designers, object designers, IT guys, animators, graphic designers, brand & marketing consultants, photographers & many more.

And they collaborate and discuss, share ideas, work and have fun. You also get to participate in the many interesting events that we host.

Our STory

How it all started?

In 2015 Nod Makerspace consisted of 650 sqm:
the co-working (350 sqm of open space), 10 private studios, one meeting room and workshop area (300 sqm of manufacturing and prototyping space – a wood workshop and a metal workshop).

In 2016 we expanded to 1050 sqm with more private studios and more workspace. We received the visits of the prime minister and other European delegates.

In 2017 we expanded to another floor and now our co-working space and makerspace means:

  • 1400 sqm of workspace
  • wood, metal, CNC router, textiles, electronics & other tools
  • 21 private studios
  • over 120 members and 40 start-ups from creative industries
  • the first Materials Library in South-Eastern Europe

sqm of co-working

tools & equipment

sqm of makerspace


Get In Touch

Location: Splaiul Unirii 160

Telephone: +40 746 323 217

Email: contact@en.nodmakerspace.ro

Hours: M-F: 10 AM – 7 PM, for members 24/7