Nod makerspace is the first creative community center of large dimensions in Romania. Its main goal is to help develop and democratise the design, engineering, manufacturing and prototyping sectors.
The makerspace provides the tools and equipment for digital manufacturing and prototyping for its members and supports the development of creative industries businesses (incubator) and the emergence of a powerful open-source community.

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Short story…

As a dynamic ecosystem, the makerspace welcomes dynamic projects, new concepts in design and manufacturing and playful projects such as games, VR and animations. This is the case for both freelancers’ projects and the community’s projects. And of course even individual projects have their fair share of community work – mainly because we’re all friendly here. And the best part of these on-spot collaborations is that they all start from playing with ideas, discussing, spending a lot of time with each other. Well, playing with ideas sometimes transforms into playing team games at our community

events and discussing refers to both formal team meetings and informal talks while having a beer.
The space is also very inspirational – you just have to pass by and interesting projects can be spotted. Such a flexible space and way of working is exactly what gave us the possibility to organize events and workshops covering a wide range of creative fields. The more passionate people in our community are, the more they want to share. Guess this is just how things work with creatives.

The MAKERSPACE provides:

Wood Workshop

a whole range range of tools and electrical equipment for your furniture or design projects

Metal Workshop

cutting, welding and polishing metal have never been so easy

Laser CNC

use the force to precisely cut your sheets

Router CNC

cut your plywood, plexiglas or metal sheet on our 1200x1200mm CNC.
Bring your own mills

Storage Box

your own locked storage box. If you have bigger projects to store for a short time, we have that too

Paint Room

use this space for your painting experiments. Or projects. This is not a professional dye house

KeyCard Access

get in and out, anytime,
any day, 24/7, even on Christmas!

Materials Library

get some inspiration or show your clients the newest materials on the market


 Basic Tools

Hammer drill
Electric sander
Adjustable pliers
Metal clamps fixed / mobile
Scissors sheet
Hot air gun
Bench grinder
Hot glue gun
Claws rivets


Circular saw
Debtor sliding
Manual milling machine
Grinder / polisher
Planing machine
Wood lathe
Fixed milling machine
Jigsaws Bench
Vacuum dust


Solder pump
Set screwdrivers electronics
Set of electronic pliers
A4 printer


Metal cutting
Angle grinder
MMA welding machine
TIG welding machine / TIG
Drill fix
Accessories metal


Sewing machines
Dyeing machine
Digital embroidery machine

Special Equipment

CNC Router 120x120cm
CNC Laser Engraver 60x90cm
CNC Laser Engraver 90x120cm
3D Printer PLA / ABS 22x14x15cm


These are the MEMBERSHIPS for the makerspace. As a member you can use all the co-working areas, including the materials library.
The only thing missing here is you!
Come and try it out for free!

Are you courios about the space and the community? Press the Book a Tour button an tell us when you want to visit us. 


Still have questions? We don't mind!


Splaiul Unirii 160, 1st and 2th floor, Industria Bumbacului, district 4, Bucharest, the yellow stair.
Tel: +40 746 194 213

Service department:

Events department:

Courses - organize or attend :

Open hours:
for visitors - Monday to Friday 10 - 18 (an online tour booking required) 
for members - open 24/7