About the Program

LEVEL UP is the first acceleration program dedicated to makers-entrepreneurs in Romania. During 5 months, participants will delve into the methods and the tools to effectively develop a successful company: build and validate their business model, develop their designs into a stable prototype and draw a sustainable growth strategy.
The program will enable participants to learn from and collaborate with other makers at Nodx, while fostering peer-learning and reinforcing best-practices – even after the program ends. They will acquire tangible skills on lean startup, project management, agile manufacturing and scaling strategies. They will learn how to develop their concept into an investment ready business, while taking calculated risk and minimizing failure.

Level Up accelerator will start soon. TBA


The program will combine:
• A series of 14 trainings and work groups, including a pre-sale crowd-funding campaign and an official investor pitch. The modules will cover technical subjects to support the makers to realize their prototype, as well as business modules on how to develop a solid financial plan, validate their product with the customer and create a powerful pitch deck.
• Customized 1 hour of 1-to-1 consulting (business and technical) to each startup on a weekly base, provided by experienced trainers and makers, that will help the entrepreneurs iterate their products and strategies.
• An online and offline mentoring community, to enable peer-learning, sharing of best practices, and the involvement of key stakeholders, who can track the entrepreneurs’ progress in real time and participate to their success by submitting ideas and feedback.


Program Timeline

Benefits for sponsoring the program

Partners will gain high visibility on a unique innovation program at a European level. They play the role of Judges to select the best ventures and are involved to help shape and develop the selected startups though an innovative employees participation program. Finally, they will be showcased during the startup’s crowd-funding campaign in the Indiegogo platform: which counts more than 5 million subscribers from over 100 countries.

Behind Level UP

Babele is an online acceleration network to support sustainable startups. We create powerful programs to engage people and organizations in the co-development of innovative strategies and business models. We provide innovation management platforms dedicated to programs supporting startups and have hosted over 40 incubation programs, which involved 900+ entrepreneurs from 103 countries. We have proven experience in business modeling, lean startup and financial planning. We have trained over 500 entrepreneurs in 15 countries– from Germany to Japan – and contribute as lecturers for partner-incubation programs in 5 countries.
For more info: www.babele.pro

The real value of the Nodx trought the Makerspace is the community, which combines professionals in different creative domains, such as urban planning, architecture, design, graphic design, entrepreneurship and business management. They all work together, creating a rich network that provider assistance and support to each other.