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When you’re a member here you don’t only get a desk and wi-fi, you get to be part of a vibrant and diverse community of people from all over the creative spectrum. We’ve got ’em all: architects, fashion designers, object designers, IT guys, animators, graphic designers, brand & marketing consultants, photographers & many more. 

And they collaborate and discuss, share ideas, work and have fun. You also get to participate in the many interesting events that we host. 

As a community, we’re able to make a lot of different and challenging projects. If you have one, dare us! 

If you need to contact them, click on the link. If you want to know more about what they do, write to us!


Architectural equilibrium.


Fashion brand that develops and designs each collection following an elaborate and collaborative process. 

Alecu wood stories

Wood love, wooden toys.


Custom longboards for new freestyle experiences.


Collaborative innovation management platform.


Handmade leather sewing with passion.


Custom furniture and architectural sollutions for interiors, with a focus on experiments and collaboration.

Creative Nomad Squad

Creativity + branding consultancy agency based in Bucharest, Romania.


(Eng – “they grow” ) Design&consulting studio that works only with living organisms, following principles of Biophilic Design.

Cristian Vasile

Photography at its best.

Daniel Radulescu

Metal sculptures. Metal. 


Fostering romanian design all aver the world.


Soft handmade lighting objects using environment friendly materials and repurposed objects.


Play based, hands-on, innovative educational programs and educational toys for children.


The custom woodworking services.

Postcard Projects

Interior designer that will make your renovation feel like a beautiful postcard with a story behind it.

Studio kort

Business consultancy using design methods & human centered approach

Raluca Ciubotaru

Empathic graphic designer. Brutalist front-ender.


Object design.


Design and communication studio, dedicated to delivering cleverly contrived works to modern, image conscious companies.


Origami with passion.


Giant aeroscale RC models mad with love for passionates all over the world.

Alina Codin

Power of colors.

Opera Media

Inspiring advertising, branding & other media.

Loop design

Concept design for a graphic and material world.

Skeptic Dog Animation

We create 2D animated films, comics, illustration and more.

Space Sparkle

Straightforward architecture and design.


Innovative home deco, furniture & more


Branding & Digital agency offering full-service branding packages. Branding isn’t a one-night stand. Let’s fall in love!


The branding agency on the side of good brands. #BrandingForGood

TiKA lab

Unleash your inner designer.

Wolfhouse productions

Delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for architecture and complex urban issues.


Wooden design for intelligent hands.