Welcome to Nod!

The best co-working
and makerspace in Romania.

Yes! Named three years in a row by Central European Startup Awards. Three years, the best!

Short story…

In 2015 a group of multidisciplinary creatives set up to transform the abandoned industrial space of the former Cotton Factory in Bucharest into the first makerspace in Romania. After six months of hard work, with the help of 25 people and 9 partners, 650 sqm were ready to host makers and

creative industries entrepreneurs that needed a space and community for their passion. The industrial space was once again filled with life and became a central hotspot for the creative industries in Bucharest.


In 2015 Nod Makerspace consisted of 650 sqm:
the co-working (350 sqm of open space), 10 private studios, one meeting room and workshop area (300 sqm of manufacturing and prototyping space – a wood workshop and a metal workshop). 

In 2016 we expanded to 1050 sqm with more private studios and more workspace. We received the visits of the prime minister and other European delegates.

In 2017 we expanded to another floor and now our co-working space and makerspace means:

  • 1400 sqm of workspace
  • wood, metal, CNC router, textiles, electronics & other tools
  • 21 private studios
  • over 120 members and 40 start-ups from creative industries
  • the first Materials Library in South-Eastern Europe

What is Nod?

Nod is a dynamic ecosystem that welcomes designers, artists, engineers, inventors, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Any creative mind, anyone who thinks business in a creative way, anyone who has an idea, an invention or a prototype and aims to develop it can find the right space, community and the manufacturing equipment to make any project come to life in a proper environment. Nod works both as a fab lab/makerspace, a co-working space, allowing any type of project to be developed here.


sqm of co-working

sqm of makerspace

tools & equipment


Building a stronger community…

The PROJECTS we make.

We are developing projects that have a great impact over our community and also can be used by other creatives, freelancer and entrepreneurs. Whether you are working with materials, you want to learn about a new technique of manufacturing an object or get to grow a sustainable business,  to pitch your idea to an investor, whether you want to sell your product designs through a dedicated platform, we are working on it. If you think that you can make a difference and help us buit this projects, then jump in, it’s a long run, full of knowlage and fun. Contact us!

They helped us a lot. Yes, a LOT!

We are super thankful for the partners that helped us implement our vision and bring the best to our community.

Business partner: Banca Transilvania

Development, tools and equipment partners: Bosch, Dremel, Hornbach, Saint-Gobain Glass, Saint-Gobain Rigips, Saint-Gobain Isover, EPSON, ForIT, RoboFun

Legal partner: The Right House

Internet brought by: Orange Fab România

Design partners: wolfhouse Productions, The Plot

We are also working on a long-term plan that involves all the start-ups and projects that are here in the Cotton Factory complex. More info here.
Stay tuned for news about:


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Splaiul Unirii 160, 1st and 2th floor, Industria Bumbacului, district 4, Bucharest, the yellow stair.

Tel: +40 746 194 213

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Open hours:
for visitors - Monday to Friday 10 - 18 (an online tour booking required) 
for members - open 24/7