We want the…

Meanwhile, the bottom-up urban regeneration process is taking on the former derelict spaces in the Cotton Industry. In 2015-2017, new spaces came to life with functions such as: a restaurant, a rooftop bar, events areas, a community/civic center and other creative offices. Below, there is the 2025 illustrated vision for the former Cotton Factory. It has become a sustainable

creative cluster, with a strong national and international recognition, where all the stakeholders (tenants, owner, public authorities and local community) participate to the common growth of the area.

More to come for Bucharest Creative Cluster.

*image courtesy Wolfhouse Productions & Bruno Pinto daCruz

Among Nodx and MATER, several other initiatives have their place in the cluster: 

where communities meet…


“Grassroots” or “La Firul Ierbii” is a meeting space. Whether we’re talking about supporting a course or presenting a product for new audiences, we have created a relaxed and multifunctional space to sustain your work and organizational mission. We give priority to civic initiatives and public debates.
If you’re looking for space to organize a workshop, course, hackathon, conference, exhibition, audition, performance, work meeting, festivity etc, we support you.

Here you will have access to:
1. Multifunctional room / 2. Co-working space /3. Library / 4. Green Garden / 5. Community of professionals
6. Kitchen and hospitality / 7. Accessibility for people with disabilities / 8. High-tech equipment for presentations and work

where the future makers grow…


eematico is an organization that paves the way for innovation in educational programs through its own approach to developing life skills for the 21st century. We do this through experimental learning, based on play, the basic learning process, as well as building and using our teaching materials.
Children discover various areas in an educational and fun way! They plan, build, have fun and learn to trust their own power, use personal resources inspired, properly distribute merits and responsibilities, and evaluate their own actions and decisions. It develops the skills to make decisions, to solve open problems, to plan, to communicate and to collaborate, to know when it’s good to be competitive, to use responsible human technology, to make, to be creative.
In all, we find the academic knowledge is closely linked to DIY, building and game activities.

where we go out to eat and meet friends…

DESCHIS gastrobar 

Located on the roof of the Cotton Factory, above the makerspace, in summer and indoors in the winter, on the Dambovita bank, Deschis Gastrobar is a leisure and cultural venue, with a unique panoramique perspective.
The rooftop bar is a seasonal project that hosts outdoor movie screenings, educational workshops, creative debates and exciting projects, which we serve with cold lemonade and delicious meals.

where we party hard…

atelier DESCHIS 

 Conceived as a multifunctional space, Atelier Deschis is an open venue for art and experiments, social events and all kinds of activities. The space is intended to become an honest, simple and professional alternative to all the formal. It’s 500 sqm, has already hosted international conferences, hackatons, alternative corporate events.