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The trainings available at Nod are beginners courses with and about the tools and equipment available in our makerspace. They are dedicated to our members or to those who want to use the equipment for a short time. The trainings are held by the community members and nod collaborators. They take about 2 to 4 hours each, depending on their complexity.

TIG/WIG/ACDC welding – 3h
MMA/ACDC welding – 3h
Metal workshop  – 3h
Wood workshop– 3h
CNC ROUTER cutting,engraving & 3D carving – 4h
LASER cutting and engraving – 2h

… and COURSES.

Applied Fashion Design Course

Happening right now. Next: to be announced.
Laura Gherman (designer and stylist) will take us through the most useful theoretical topics, and will guide the participants to create 3 complete garments!

The Leather Workshop – for Beginners

Happening right now. Next: to be announced.
The Leather Workshop is an applied course for beginners where we lay the foundation of leather craftsmanship. For 4 sessions we will pass theoretically and practically through the necessary steps for making leather goods, each participant making his own object.
We have Bogdan Deliu as a trainer, who, after 10 years in digital modeling & computer graphics, has
discovered and has since continued to explore a new creative area: working with leather. In his workshop bags and accessories made of tanned leather come to life through the perfect combination of the classic method and tools with 3D design, laser printing and computerized technology.

Tailoring and Upcycling – for Beginners

Happening right now. Next: to be announced.
We  know nothing compares with the joy of using an object created by you specifically for your needs, that’s why at Nod we learn new skills and techniques in tailoring. We start the introductory course in tailoring and upcycled projects, because we want to learn that it is best to recycle&repair than to just buy new products.